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Lifestyle Guidance

Stress got the better of me and then chronic neck pain consumed me. My own journey out of chronic pain to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into many challenges life throws our way. Personal experience and education enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding to my clients.

We will work at the nervous system level - first learning about the physiology of stress and then adding gentle movement that’s been designed by experts in neuroplasticity. You will rewire your habitual pathways, move with more ease, and therefore experience life more fully.


Wellness Experience

I have found that wellness likes to whisper. Well tended it will whisper for many years. If and when necessary wellness screams. Then the echoes heard vibrating through the body, mind, and spirit can no longer be ignored. Wellness loves to connect and engage with others, as well as be fortified with nourishing nutrients.


Active Coaching

My education and training completes my coaching arsenal – allowing me to provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to gracefully transform and achieve your health, life, 

business and spiritual goals. You are the program!

Be Well, Mary Ellen Hannon



Speed Date For Life - A Group Coaching Event

You know you could use inspiration, even help, yet you struggle to identify precisely what you need. Then this workshop is for you!

Please  join us in our interactive workshops designed by professionals to focus  on how to “strengthen and support your intention to act, so that you can play your best part, whatever that may be.” *

Together we will take a journey that is both serious and nourishing as we engage in collaborative, energetic embodiment sessions that will help you find inspiration and facilitate personal transformation. You will be encouraged to be present, to go deep and then to level-up.

We will emphasize Group Coaching -  like rounds of speed dating - with focused sessions spanning intent, creativity, and awareness to light a path to your future. Together we can evolve, change our patterns and move forward to better balance health, business, and life.

This workshop is about connection. It is not business-as-usual. We will emphasize interactivity as well as providing an opportunity to meet one on one with the Health, Business and Life Coaches. 

Do you have a fierce desire to learn and grow? Then join us to create a joint environment where we will connect more deeply to our own visions, to share our insights and experiences, and to move forward with purpose and intent.

In a literal and figurative sense, you are our program.

“...each of us has something significant to offer...In rising to the challenge of playing our best role, we discover something precious that both enriches our lives and adds to the healing world. An oyster, in response to trauma,  grows a pearl.” *

Joanna Macy the coauthor of Active Hope who inspired this workshop.


Steph Jacobs, Holistic Business Coach, is an Emmy™-award winning television producer and former Fortune 100 business executive who is a professional facilitator, startup coach, and mentor at one of Silicon Valley’s leading incubators. At the age of 66 she decided to toss white male privilege to the wind and transition full time to a new life as a California girl. 

Mary Ellen Hannon, Health Embodiment Coach AADP Certified, has 20 years of experience in the Wellness Industry. She is co-owner and on staff at Willow Glen Yoga and has over 20 years experience in International Business. She is the author of Complementary Alternative  Medicine. Mary Ellen teaches self-regulation of the nervous system through embodied movement to relieve anxiety and to prevent chronic stress and pain.


Kris Franceschi, M.A. Counseling Psychology and Life Coach is passionate about guiding people to hear their own essential voice. If you're yearning for a life that is truly a reflection of your heart and soul's desire, Kris will help you find your way home to your authentic self. Learn to free yourself up from long held beliefs that keep you stuck in "I should, I have to, and I can't." Do you want more freedom, love and joy in your life? Kris can show you the way to rediscover your birthright.

Nancy Ellen Abrams, Spiritual Coach, is a philosopher of science, lawyer, and visionary. Her prize-winning book, A God That Could Be Real, unites science and spirituality in a radically new Big Picture for our  future. Having coauthored two books with a leading astrophysicist about the meaning of the scientific universe, she realized that spiritual ambiguity and cynicism are reasonable reactions to obsolete approaches to spirituality that conflict with modern knowledge. Her answer: wrap  your mind around the reality of the universe, use cosmological ideas as expansive metaphors to re-envision our world and ourselves, and develop a  lasting spirituality in harmony with scientific reality. 

Dr. Caitlin Fanning ND, is a Naturopathic Doctor and Women's Health expert in  Santa Cruz, CA.  She helps people of all ages and conditions  with a focus on pre-conception care, hormone health, nutrition,  gastrointestinal issues, and stress management.  She combines the wisdom  of ancient healing modalities with modern diagnostic testing to create  unique lifestyle driven treatment plans specifically  designed for each patient. She uses natural, effective, and non- invasive  techniques to help patients. restore balance. She loves to educate and support her patients while they work on creating healthy lifestyles.


   Dr. Caitlin Fanning, ND

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